Schindler’s Fist IV: 4give & 4get

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After three sold out shows Schindler’s Fist is back for number IV, and its not just 4 Jews anymore!
This time we have 2 Israeli comics hosting 2 Arab comics, demonstrating that when there is money involved all is 4given!
A unique night where we ask the important questions! “Who really invented Hummus?”; “Who eats more falafel?”; “Who is more likely to be beaten up in a dark alley in Brandenburg?”.
We are doing all this and much more stupid and dark comedy in the absolute worst place for Jews OR Arabs to be seen publicly: East Berlin!
Get your 30% discounted tickets now by clicking on the ticket link! and Join us Friday, November 29th at one of the best performance venues in town Lovelite Berlin, in Friedrichshain! Online tickets are only 10 euros instead of 15 euros at the door!
Fabian Barahmeh (Palestine)
Is the best (and only) Palestinian comedian in Berlin. His conflict about his identity is evident. He can be heard screaming “Free Palestine” and “Thank You Israel“ in the same sentence. Two things he is very certain about though: his love for Falafel and his love for white women.
Nir Gottleid (Israel)
Is an Israeli comic who has performed throughout the US and Europe. He has come to Germany to, as he says, “make Germans feel uncomfortable as a form of reparations”; he would prefer to date Germans to achieve his goal, but sadly German women have intelligence, common sense, and eyes — therefore he’s forced to do comedy instead. Nir produces and performs in a variety of shows and is one of the founders of the popular dark comedy show The Berlin Offensive.
Passun Azhand Comedy (Afghanistan)
Passun is authentic, Simple and honest comedian living the life of by a 35-year-old Berliner who is not afraid to make fun of himself, the world and life. Passun has perform all around including Nightwash, the Quatsch Comedy Club and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Ori Halevy’s Comedy Cult (Israel)
Is a well known israeli and international TV and Cinema writer who moved to Berlin two years ago and got sucked into the ever growing English comedy scene. His funny “go for broke” improvisational style has him performing every night in different venues in Berlin and throughout Europe. No show of his is the same! He also runs the very successful Berlin shows “ Well, That Was Weird – Alternative Comedy Club”, “ Saying The Wrong Thing – Uncensored comedy” and more.